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Percheron possesses the experience, commitment, and reliability to ensure that all of a client’s right of way, relocation and surveying needs will be completed in a detailed and timely manner. With a strong national presence, we utilize local right of way and relocation experts, as well as local survey crews who have DOT experience; thoroughly trained by experienced management staff in the processes and protocols that may then be adapted to a specific client’s needs.

A great deal of this knowledge arises from years of past service rendered for large, high profile interstate and state highway projects to various Departments of Transportation. Percheron’s professionals are diligent and dedicated to public service, and they produce the highest quality assignments and deliverables under tight time constraints and deadlines. From surveying to negotiation, condemnation to relocation, Percheron is the right partner for your public project needs.

What We Achieve:

  • Proper project understanding achieves on time & under budget results
  • Collaboration with one team achieves a singular route of communication
  • Superior safety standards in every task achieves safety for all environments 
  • Strong business partner and landowner relationships achieves trust among all 

Experienced Management

Jordan Hohn 07.30.19

Jordan Hohn is a Managing Partner for Percheron, LLC, with 10+ years of industry experience. His expertise in project management, negotiations, relocation assistance, eminent domain, title research and curative, GIS mapping, damage settlements and document preparation. 

He joined Percheron in April 2016, previously as a project manager in the Northeast office in Pittsburgh, PA. Jordan was integral in managing PennDOT’s Rapid Bridge Replacement Project, overseeing 300 bridge replacements.  

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