Fully - Integrated Land Services

Percheron executes oil and gas, electrical transmission, highway, utility, wind, solar and rail projects by bundling engineering, title research, acquisitions, land surveying and environmental services into one cohesive solution. We refer to this as “Fully-Integrated Land Services.” Our team of qualified project managers use cutting edge technology, provide exceptional client service and deliver accurate and timely results. By integrating engineering, environmental, survey and land services we eliminate duplication and increase productivity through accountability so you can measure the success of your project for what matters the most...on-time and under budget. 

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Why Choose Percheron?

No other business offers the kind of consistency, efficiency or comprehensive support Percheron offers. Our people, process & technology are one of a kind.

Experienced People

At Percheron, it’s our people that make the difference. Our people deliver a broad range of field expertise with extensive backgrounds.


Streamlined Processes

Percheron offers a single point of contact across service offerings, making it easy to track project performance & quality in all phases.


Leading Technology

Percheron uses the latest field & back office technologies, providing real-time and customized reporting to ensure project accuracy & performance.

News & Events

Percheron is always up to something great! Check out the latest Percheron News, Media Contact Resources and More.


I spent a good part of my childhood growing up on a farm in West Virginia, both on our farm and my grandparents’ farms.  We had friends down the road who had a small herd of Guernsey cattle that they would milk, by hand, twice a day (this was the late 50’s and early 60’s).  Milking was qui...


We wait in anxious anticipation for the latest iPhone to arrive.  We tell Alexa to turn off the lights, so we don't have to get up.  Self-driving cars are becoming more of a reality than a sci-fi fantasy.  In a day where we "expect" constant advancements, it's essential to understand ...


We all know that just about anything can change in an election cycle year. From policy and funding to who’s sitting on the bench and who’s railing on the house floor. Really the only safe bet we can make is that about half of everything we know at this time will change. The same is true for the rule...


In today’s climate, service companies are tasked with 3 “simple” requests for each project: Fast, Accurate, and Cost-Efficient.  Seems “simple” enough……But with complexities that go along with any land project, the key to truly realizing those 3 “simple” requests: Innovation. It's a Bird! ...


 Global Pandemic. Quarantine. Economic Crashes. Industry Turmoil. Social Unrest.  How do you navigate the obstacle course that is 2020 while effectively leading?  With uncertainty looming, business leaders have to balance the ship and stay on course. We turned to our CEO, Trent Oglesb...


HOUSTON, TX – June 12, 2020 – Percheron, LLC has hired KC Yost as Vice President, Engineering and Dany Jew as Vice President, Business Development to establish the company’s engineering services.  KC and Dany both bring extensive experience in the industry and a proven track record of building ...


 Integrated vs. À La Carte Land Services - When you plan a multi-phase project, do you take the integrated or à la carte approach to your land services?  No phase or stage of a project is an island unto itself.  Many stages of a project build on the deliverables created and provi...


How often do you find your project stalling while you search for just the right surface site location?  Are you wasting time and money endlessly pursuing the perfect location without having the right tools to find it?You know the surface area of interest must meet specific land parameters (even...


Right now & for the future If I asked you what type of employer you are, you’d probably say that you are an employer who is keeping your team safe.  You’re an employer who is making sacrifices for your employees.  You are setting up remote capabilities.  You are doing all you...


HOUSTON, TX – February 2020 – Percheron has hired Seth Mitchell, as Director - Environmental to support our Northeast and Midwest operations.  He will be responsible for managing environmental projects and continued business development efforts for growth based out of our Pittsburgh, PA regiona...

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Our Leadership

Percheron’s senior leadership team possesses over 600 years of industry experience, in turn providing training and project oversight to field managers. This knowledge allows Percheron project managers to provide best-in-class services, running your project efficiently and effectively.
Trent Oglesby
Rebecca Harrington
Justin Lyon
Managing Partner
Michael Quinn
Managing Partner
Ana B. Rausch
Managing Partner
Jeff Trlicek
Managing Partner
Aaron Yost
Managing Partner
Patrick Brady
Vice President, Business Development
Brian Fairchild
Vice President, Environmental
Dany Jew
Vice President, Business Development
Kyle Lesak
Vice President, Business Development
Arch Stout
Vice President, Survey
KC Yost
Vice President, Engineering
Jarratt Austin
Managing Director
Lhag Bowers
Managing Director
Vincent Caruso
Managing Director
Rick Corman
Managing Director
Carmelita Delgado
Managing Director
Lori Fisher
Managing Director
Kirsten Gee
Managing Director
Andrea Grifo
Managing Director
Harry Heinbaugh
Managing Director
Jessica Jaggard
Managing Director
Larry Kocurek
Managing Director
Gwen Longo
Managing Director
Liborio Salinas
Managing Director
Kevin Watkins
Managing Director
Andy Antipas
Director/SME, Rockies – Environmental
Noah Dyer
Director, Engineering
Carlos Hinojosa
Director/SME, South Central - Environmental
Seth Mitchell
Director/SME, Northeast – Environmental
Jeff Wilkie
Director, Operations and sUAS - Survey
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