Percheron’s Engineering staff is comprised of fully seasoned professionals, licensed in 36 states, with experience throughout the lower 48 States and Alaska.  While primarily focused on midstream design, the Engineering team has extensive experience in the design and installation of electrical systems and infrastructure.  Our present capabilities range from switchyard design to cross-country transmission networks. Working in conjunction with our environmental, survey, land, and title business units, our fully integrated service offering increases our value to clients through enhanced process efficiencies and innovative project technologies. The high level of professionalism provided by the engineering business unit will meet/exceed the same level of exceptional service you’ve grown to expect.

Services include:

  • Project Management
  • Due Diligence Studies and Regulatory Compliance
  • Route Selection
  • Concept and Project Scope Development and Total Installed Cost (TIC) Cost Estimates
  • Pipeline & Facility Design
    • Transmission / Gathering Pipelines (Urban and Rural)
    • Meter Stations
    • Pump Stations
    • Storage Facilities
  • Site Grading Design
  • Facility (Substation, Switchyard, etc.) Design
  • Solar Panel Layouts
  • Wind Turbine Layouts
  • Energy Gathering Systems
  • Transmission Routing
  • Energy Storage Facilities
  • Construction Specifications
  • Hydrostatic Test Procedures
  • Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) Design including Drilling Fluid Management and Hydraulic Fracture Analysis
  • Purging and Commissioning Procedures

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