Land Administration

Percheron has a fully staffed Land Administration Department (“LAD”) that works from our centralized office in Katy, Texas. Our LAD group works in tandem with our right of way agents, title abstractors, surveyors, and GIS to generate documents, send mass mailouts, manage data, and record documents in the applicable county records. 

We set high expectations for our team to provide quality deliverables. LAD can control the work product and supervise the work even if the document specialist is in the field. Our teams’ refined processes ensure consistency and efficiency for your projects. In addition, we customize those processes to serve each client’s specific needs and expectations for project success. Our cutting-edge processes are established as best industry practices for our office, Percheron, and clients.

Percheron’s Land Administration Department has streamlined the document and check request process. With the aid of IT, LAD created an app for requesting documents to be generated and request checks processed through the department, along with any other agent request. 

Services include:

  • Document generation
  • Line list validation
  • Mass mailouts
  • Building client hard files
  • Data entry (experienced with multiple databases)
  • Digitize record rooms
  • Record documents
  • Process check requests
  • Customized reports
  • Document audits/reviews

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