Who We Are


Percheron, LLC is dedicated to the efficient and cost-effective delivery of service to our clients, providing a safe and positive work environment for our employees and contractors, and doing so in a manner that is sustainable and conscious of environmental concerns.  A number of initiatives and procedures have been implemented that have effectively demonstrated that Percheron can complete work that is cost-effective and environmentally aware.  

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In-House Title Research

Reduction in estimated 871,000 miles and 1,161,332 pages printed

Paperless Land Administration Department

Reduction in estimated 717,000 pages printed

Corporate Shared Services – Accounting, HR, IT, PMO

95% of payroll processed digitally and 90% digital invoices, reducing estimated 25,000 pages per year

Operations and Project Management NSite Technology

Online Project update notes reduce estimated 250,000 pages per year

On-Line Time and Expense Submission

Eliminated need for paper timesheets and ability to shred and recycle all receipts

Shred – Recycle

Estimated dozens of trees saved per year

Survey Department

Digital file delivery and environmentally friendly products used for field work, including new hybrid truck

Travel Reduction

Virtual meetings implemented; carpooling encouraged when possible

Waste Handling and Disposal

Efforts to reduce waste in all offices and dispose of waste appropriately

Energy Conservation

Alter office temperature outside of working hours and encourage energy conservation in all offices

Water Conservation

Employees made aware of the importance of using less water

Community InvolvementCommunity Engagement

Percheron is actively involved in the communities and industry organizations we serve. Below is a list of organizations Percheron has proudly served:

  • Katy Christian Ministries
  • Fort Bend Women’s Shelter
  • Charlotte Police - Lodge 9
  • St. Jude’s
  • Ben Richey Boys Ranch
  • Patriot Military Family Foundation
  • Community Action
  • American Rescue Workers
  • Live Oak Outreach Inc.
  • The Gabriel Project
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • International Right of Way Association
  • San Antonio Association of Pipeliners
  • Houston Association of Pipeliners
  • Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners
  • NuStar NuHope Charity Event
  • TC Energy Charity Event
  • DOW – United Way Charity Event
  • Michael Late Benedum Chapter (MLBC) Foundation
  • North Houston Association of Landman
  • West Houston Association of Landman
  • Houston Association of Landman
  • Fort Worth Association of Landman
  • Dallas Association of Landman
  • Permian Basin Association of Landman
  • Denver Association of Landman