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When it comes to project technology to support your land services needs, one size doesn’t fit all.  That’s why Percheron offers multiple solutions for projects both big and small.  Whether you need the robust features of NSite, a full database with document generation and repository features, or the agile reporting aspects of SMART, Percheron has the ability to support your technology needs at all levels.

NSite is a web-based database that allows users to assign tasks, manage workflows, and automate document generations.  NSite is the perfect solution to create, retain and manage your documents from the start of your project through managing the asset long-term.  The NSite database integrates with ArcGIS online to provide project information at a parcel level with various basemap details. 

SMART (SharePoint Managed Aggregate Reporting Tool) is a software solution designed to enhance the reporting capabilities of any given data source.   From a source as simple as a spreadsheet, to a complex database, SMART can produce a wide variety of customizable reports, charts and interactive maps.

Both NSite and SMART allow access to comprehensive, web-based GIS reporting tools via your computer or mobile device.

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